Frank Bigelow walks into a police station to report a murder: his own. He has been poisoned, and he only has hours left to live. Will he unravel the mystery before his time runs out? Will the killer be brought to justice?

An adaptation of the 1950s classic noir film, D.O.A. is a swiftly moving thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. With cigar-smoking detectives and gun-toting femme fatales, D.O.A. includes all the noir tropes plus updates to the story that will appeal to modern audiences.


Sean McGill, Kelsey Rhiann Shipley

Mickey O’Sullivan as Bigelow, Megan Skord as Jeanie

Mickey O’Sullivan as Bigelow, Sean McGill as Chester

Kelsey Rhiann Shipley as Elaine, Wm. Bullion as Haskell, Mickey O’Sullivan as Bigelow

Mickey O’Sullivan as Bigelow, Scott Cupper as Halliday

Kelsey Rhiann Shipley as Ms. Foster, Mickey O’Sullivan as Bigelow

Mickey O’Sullivan as Bigelow, Megan Skord as Paula

Mickey O’Sullivan as Bigelow, Megan Skord as Paula

Photos by Tom McGrath


Adapted and directed with style, wit and punch drunk authenticity by Elizabeth Lovelady, [her] direction is confident, broad-handed and brisk. She quickly moves the story along, just fast enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
— Chicago Theatre Review
The dialogue clips with film noir abruptness… scene transitions are seamless…Lovelady paces it edgy, smart and tight. [She] knows how to get away with murder in this room.
— The Fourth Walsh
Ingenious in its dramatization…D.O.A. is the hit of their season…Well dressed and well played, D.O.A. proves itself alive and kicking.
— Times Square Chronicle
Lovelady nails the essential tropes—the acerbic wit, smoky atmosphere, bebop background, rugged dialects, misogyny masquerading as chivalry…Smart, slick, swift and sexy, D.O.A. captures what Strawdog does so well in Hugen Hall.
— New City Stage
This speaks to the tight direction of Elizabeth Lovelady…[She] keeps things active throughout, giving the audience no time to be bored or restless.
— Chicago Theatre Beat
Director Elizabeth Lovelady has done a fantastic job of adapting the original screenplay of Rudolf Mate’s 1950 film noir classic D.O.A… ]the] staging is crisp and inventive.
— Buzz On Stage


Frank Bigelow: Mickey O’Sullivan
Cop/Haskell/Dr. Schaefer: Wm. Bullion
Cadwell/Lewis/Halliday: Scott Cupper
Sue/Mrs. Philips: Carol Ludwick
Captain/Welch/Majak: Joe Mack
Harry/Bartender/Chester: Sean McGill
Kitty/Jane/Ms. Rakubian: Mallory Nees
Elaine/Ms. Foster: Kelsey Rhiann Shipley
Paula/Jeanie: Megan Skord

Production Team

Director: Elizabeth Lovelady
Violence Design: R&D Choreography
Set Design: Mike Mroch
Light Design: John Kelly
Costume Design: Raquel Adorno
Props Design: Jamie Karas
Sound Design: Heath Hays
Stage Manager: Becca Levy
Production Manager: Liam Fitzgerald

Jeff Award Nominated for Costume Design, Scenic Design, Lighting Design and Artistic Specialization for Fight Choreography.